Pureness Dish Soap 500ml (Refill)

Dish Soap for all family
Product Pureness Dish Soap 500ml (Refill)
Overview Dish Soap for all family
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Organic ingredients 1%, Natural ingredients 98%Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, Ocimum basilicum extract, Origanum vulgare leaf extract, Alkyl glucoside, Coconut fatty acid, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Sodium hydroxide, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, Disodium salt, Sodium bicarbonate

AROMATICA Dishwashing liquid

A safe natural kitchen detergent to protect your family
A dishwashing liquid that can be used without any worries every day
as it is made with safe ingredients.
Cleaning ingredients from nature will wash not only dishware
but also baby bottles and utensils, fruits and vegetables safely and cleanly.

A real transparent kitchen detergent that discloses all ingredients

If you buy cleansing foam and shampoo after checking their ingredients,
why don’t you buy kitchen detergents having known all ingredients?
Or, is it hard to find the full ingredient list of a detergent because it’s not usually fully disclosed?
AROMATICA is absolutely confident and transparent to disclose the entire list of the ingredients.

Safe dishwashing liquid that you can check ingredients.
Feel free to wash even with bare hands! Keep wash your baby bottle, fruit and vegetables without any worry.

No harmful ingredient added!

We never prescribe components that are suspected of being harmful or harmfu to the human body.

Fragrance-free prescription
for safe dishwashing liquid

AROMATICA Dishwasher liquid easily removes grease, dirt, residue and leaves your tableware squeaky clean.
It doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrance or synthetic additives, which are commonly used in kitchen dishwashers.
To minimize irritation, there’s neither added natural essential oil nor fragrance.

From cleaning baby
bottles to washing fruits!

A first-class kitchen detergent

A first-class kitchen detergent that can be used not only for cleaning dishes but also for washing fruit and vegetables.

※ What is a first-class kitchen detergent?
It refers to a kitchen detergent used for washing dishes that complies
with the standards of safety-proven ingredients and biodegradability according to the
“Criteria and Standards for Sanitary products” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Baby bottle/Baby tableware
  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Dish/Tableware
  • Cooking tools

Please make sure that it is a safe cleaning ingredient!

It contains Baking soda and citric acid

It contains a typical natural detergent, baking soda and citric acid to provide safe, effective cleaning and oil resolving.

  • Baking soda
    Effective for removing grease,
  • Citric acid
    Effective for daily disinfection,
    deodorization, removal of scale
1Excellent cleansing power
Are you feeling uncertain because safe ingredients normally don’t have enough detergency to clean the dishes well? Superior cleansing power and abundant bubble from coconut-derived cleaning ingredients not only remove the toughest residue, grease on the dishes but also leave your fruit and vegetables sparkling clean.
2Abundant bubble and neat cleansing power
Don’t worry that will not make abundant bubble because it is a natural dishwashing detergent. You can have a fast and satisfactory dishwashing with excellent cleansing power and abundant bubble that does not feel slippery.
  • Fruit and Vegetable: Soak the detergent in water for 1 minute, then rinse it for more than 30 seconds.
  • Dishware and Baby dishware: Wipe the dishware with wet sponge or cleansing scrub. Rinse the running water 2-3 times.
It’s recommended for those:
  • who want to wash fruit and vegetables easily and safely
  • dads and moms who want to clean their baby’s bottle and dishes safely
  • who are against harmful ingredients of kitchen detergent that can enter through the mouth
  • customers who believe in AROMATICA (Wash the dishes with peace of mind!)



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