AROMATICA was born in 2004 when Jerry Kim, a first-generation aromatherapist in Korea, decided to produce safe and natural personal care products for his family.

AROMATICA is an initiator of the cosmetic ingredient safety campaigns in Korea that organized by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). We have been actively promoting EWG’s ingredient campaigns in Korea while bringing the attention of consumers and the industry to the issue of safe ingredients.

Certified by ECOCERT & COSMOS, Vegan, EWG VERIFIED™ and following their strict standards, AROMATICA produces products in its own ISO-GMP certified factory.


The Chronicle of Clean and Vegan Beauty

  1. 2004Develops mineral oil-free, silicon-free massage oil
  2. 2005Develops paraben-free, silicon-free rose skincare
  3. 2006Develops silicon-free, sulfate-free shampoo
    Develops synthetic fragrance-free facial mist
  4. 2010Develops PEG-free, Phenoxyethanol-free Aloe Vera Gel
    Develops chemical sunscreen-free physical sunscreen
  5. 2010Lists all ingredients on EWD Skin Deep
  6. 2011Wins EWG 'Safe Cosmetics Champion' title Acquires ECOCERT Certificate for Organic Cosmetic Production facility
  7. 2013Develops silicon-free physical sun cream
  8. 2016Develops VEGAN, fragrance-free feminine cleanser
  9. 2019Develops silicon-free physical sunstick

Modern Apothecary

Traditionally inherited apothecary meets modern science

안전한 처방의 선구자  

Apothecary, whose profession dates back to 2600 BC during the ancient Babylon, has been studying the effects of herbs and plants and developing application methods on symptoms. In the 12th century, as practical formulas and efficacies beneficial to the health of skin were added to traditional herbal medicine, pharmacists used herbs to treat skin, particularly in Europe.

With the introduction of modern medicine, apothecaries’ role was replaced with modern pharmacists, but their accumulated knowledge about the effects and applications of herbs and plants served as a foundation for the development of modern medicine. As the harmful effects of chemical substances are revealed, the value of herbs and plant ingredients is getting the public’s attention and the Apothecary’s wisdom and methods are being reevaluated.

Holistic Extraction Method™

To deliver wholesome substances of plants

AROMATICA conducts extensive and delicate process to bring out the pure benefits of nature. By using traditional herbal extraction methods such as Steam Distillation, Decoction, Oil Infusion, Cold-press, and Tincture, we ensure that the active substances and natural benefits of plants and herbs are conserved in products with highest level of efficacy and safety.


From farm to final product

From selecting natural, organic raw materials to production, AROMATICA takes pride in its strong convictions to deliver authentic, safe and efficacious products.

Sourcing of Natural Ingredients
We use only the best certified raw ingredients from trusted producers around the world.
Expert in Research & Development
We develop natural products using the patented technology of the company’s research center.
Strict Standards for Manufacturing
We manufacture products in our ECOCERT certified organic cosmetic production facilities.

친환경 패키지 도입

AROMATICA strives towards Zero waste.
AROMATICA produces glass-based products that are easy to recycle. In order to reduce the plastic waste, which is one of the main causes of environmental pollution, we are practicing paper cushioning materials.
  • We fundamentally use 100% recyclable glass containers
  • In the case of using plastic, we use recyclable & eco-friendly
    materials such as PET, PP, PE, and SAN
  • We never use plastic bags or tapes
  • We use 100% recycled paper cushioning
  • We never use plastic shrink wrap

Less plastic, Let's practice !

Instead of plastic materials, we use
paper cushions.

모두가 함께하는 환경경영

AROMATICA is a responsible company that does every single effort to preserve the environment
Eco-friendly smart factory
Our smart factory reduces energy consumption by more than 90% by recollecting heat emitted from manufacturing process, leverage on the difference of temperature within the plant to generate cooling water, and utilize small format machines for small batch productions.
Environmental campaigns
We go green and help the environment with small various campaigns and pratices at office such as minimizing the energy consumption, reducing the use of plastics and disposables. We believe that small changes make the difference.

검증된 클린뷰티, 아로마티카

Vegan Society Certificate
AROMATICA is a registered partner of the Vegan Society which is the world’s oldest and most prestigious vegan organization. AROMATICA uses only organic botanical ingredients and never uses animal-derived ingredients in order to uphold the respect for life. We also keenly practice the principle of sustainable development by not using the ingredients derived from endangered plants.
ECOCERT NaturalㆍOrganic Certificate
AROMATICA has obtained ECOCERT certificate for some of its natural and organic products. ECOCERT is a worldwide
organic certification organization that has gained credibility through strict monitoring and manufacturing standards.
AROMATICA is producing the ECOCERT certified products in its own manufacturing facility that meets the strict
standards for safe and organic production.
EWG VERIFIED™ Certificate
AROMATICA has acquired the EWG VERIFIED™ certificate for its 30 products (as of May, 2019). EWG Verified™ is a prestigious product certification system that evaluates the ingredients based on thorough examination and further improving the strict criteria of EWG Skin Deep.