100% Pure Cotton Rounds

100% Natural cotton made without being chemically treated and bleached
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Dual sided 100% pure cotton pad for the ultimate skincare. Ideal cotton pad for applying toner, essence, and lotion on your skin. when it is especially dry or dull! We recommend daily-use soft dual cotton pad which is free from chemical fiber. From daily cleansing to evening out the skin tone. Made with 100% cotton and is suitable for sensitive skin. Made from all natural cotton materials to reduce skin irritation with its soft and gentle texture. Benefits on both sides! Dual fabric on front and back. Made with a separate soft side on the back and a textured side on the front for multi-purpose use. Use the textured side for removing impurities, and the soft side for even skin texture, lightweight and clean finish. The edge stitching prevents lose grip of the pad and gives elasticity so you can clean up your skin easily and effectively.


100% cotton

How to use

Textured side(mesh type) : For exfoliation & cleansing. After wetting the textured side, gently rub onto the skin from the center toward the outer edges of the face. The textured side gently removes impurities and dead skin cells.
Soft side(plain type) : For toner. After wetting the soft side, gently wipe along the skin and pat out so that the content is thoroughly absorbed.


Recycle it

    Paper box
    100% cotton pad : Regular waste



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