AROMATICA Corn Tooth Brush

The innovative Corn Tooth Brush that protects your teeth and the environment
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Vegan │ Cruelty free

You already use an eco-bag, tumbler and paper straws to reduce plastic, so why are you using any old toothbrush? Reduce plastic waste with our AROMATICA toothbrush made from corn-derived polylactic acid. With a handle designed with the structure of your mouth in mind, reaching in between teeth, the toothbrush gives a thorough clean thanks to its straight handle, the 2.5 cm rectangular head made with the size of teeth in mind, and double bristles. Made with polylactic acid (PLA) extracted from corn starch, it is 100% compostable after use since it is made from environmentally friendly parts yet it is as durable as plastic when it is in use. It takes more than 100 years for plastics to decompose but the plant-derived resin can be 100% composted within 6 months to a year when buried in the landfills. Use it within 2 years and don't sterilize in boiling water. It is natural to show some cracks for plant-derived resin.


Corn-derived polylactic acid (PLA)
Corn-derived polylactic acid (PLA)


Squeeze toothpaste onto toothbrush and brush teeth thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly under running water to dislodge food traces that may get caught in between bristles after use, and after shaking off excess water, let dry in a well ventilated location.

Recycle it

    Bio-degradable plastic(Regular waste)



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